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Accordingly, Zagazig University is considered as one of high ranked scientific and training bodies in Egypt. As unique scientific expertise and leading technical programs in different developed accredited curricula, which serve the national, regional and international markets, are always available. Moreover, updated new teaching and training methodology, on the most recent new technology, are carried out by professional professors and good trainers. Furthermore, a very close and good relation with high training centers with high specialty in developmental strategies.

Thus, the Zagazig University international relations center (ZUIRC) is aiming to increase these relations and strengthen the scientific and cooperation with other foreign international universities in different scientific and cultural fields and good marketing of the university and its educational and training programs and its future ambition goals in its Arabic, African and international societies.

Strengthing the scientific cooperation with different organizations

According to the mission of the Zagazig University, in strengthening the cooperation and establishing direct relations with the present and the predicted upcoming stakeholders in the nearby future. An International Relations Center (IRC) in the university (following the university president -in person-directly) has been established aiming to the development, strengthing the scientific cooperation with national, regional and international organizations and engaging in increasing the total development programs in the education, research and postgraduates' studies and community service and environmental development sectors.

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The center supervisor has 5 lecturers assistances
Each will be responsible for one of the culture offices

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