In its 485 session at 25th of October 2016, Zagazig University council approved the establishment of Zagazig University International Relations Center (ZUIRC), aiming to the development and documentation of the scientific cooperation with national, regional and international bodies, and participation in the application of the general developmental programs among education, postgraduate and research sector and community service and environmental development fields.

ZUIRC Message


Raise in the common memorandum of understanding with other international bodies.

Foreign Students

Increase the number of foreign students attending Zagazig University different programs.


Increase in the ratio of student and staff inter-change programs.

International Communication

Increase the number of common projects and studies between the university and other universities.

Abilities Development

Raise the staff awareness about available opportunities for their research support and funding from different organizations and/or their abilities and skills development.

Interchange Programs

Develop the students' knowledge of the available opportunities for student interchange programs and for applying in different posts abroad.

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The center supervisor has 5 lecturers assistances.

Each will be responsible for one of the culture offices

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Flag of Germany
Flag of United Kingdom
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About Our Team

Khalid Abdelbary

University president

Abdel-Hakim Nor Eldeen

University deputy for student affairs

Abdallah Askar

University deputy for community

Mohsen Hassan

ZUIRC supervisor

Adel Abdallah

Deen Fac. Education

Mohamed El-Eraky

Dean Fac. Science

Hesham ELhossiny

General Manger of culture affairs